Challenger 400E Series

Challenger® is more than a name. It’s an ideal. Constantly challenging what we’re capable of. Challenging what it means to be effective. Challenging what we can bring to the table. The newest member of the Challenger family does all that and more, in a small, maneuverable package. The versatile MT400E Series tractors feature the same performance and attitude as their bigger counterparts.

  • The 4.9 liter AGCO Power™ engine comes standard on every MT400E Series tractor. Tier 4 Final compliant, common rail fuel injected, and equipped with SCR technology, you get high fuel efficiency and low emissions. All while providing the power and torque of a larger 6-cylinder engine.
  • AutoPower IV, AutoPower VI, or TechStar CVT, all include pedal mode AutoDrive with an Automatic setting and Engine Power Management. AutoPower VI features a larger hydraulic offering than the Dyna IV and optional electrical PTO speed control. And TechStar CVT gives you a smooth, shift-free driveline and 4-speed PTO.
  • Our new brake-to-neutral braking system disengages the transmission and shifts it into neutral when the brake pedals are depressed. When you let off the brake, the tractor resumes your set speed. With single-foot brake and clutch operation, loader operation is easier and more natural.
  • Rear couplers are equipped with a hydraulic decompression system on closed center options for easy removal of implements, and a lift capacity of up to 11,244 pounds. With a total of up to five spool valves available, you can be sure whatever you need to do will have the hydraulic power it needs.
  • With an optional integrated hitch on the nose, you can load up to 6,000 pounds at the link ends. It can also support additional ballast weight or heavy front-mounted implements to increase your tractor’s versatility even more.
  • The standard Setup and Information Screen (SIS) provides quick, clear and easy analysis of operating data. With one glance, you can check basic information on tractor performance, working area, working distance, fuel consumption or engine and transmission temperature. The full color dashboard offers better visibility and the ability to adjust settings without an additional console.
  • Control your world with one hand, and keep the other hand on the wheel. The joystick gives you complete, intuitive command of virtually every important function. Drive easier, save time, increase accuracy and be more productive. Designed to integrate with the full line of Challenger loader implements, it even incorporates transmission functions and cruise control right at your fingertips.
  • Fuse® Connected Services with AgCommand® is the perfect fleet management and monitoring tool for large operations, contractors or anyone who needs to keep a close eye on equipment in the field. Data is collected automatically, transferred wirelessly, and displayed in near real time on a secure webpage you can access from your desk or smartphone. By consolidating and optimizing all of our technology products and services — from guidance, steering, telematics and diagnostics to application controls, yield metering, grain storage monitoring and mobile apps — it can help you maximize uptime and keep all your farm assets in the right place at the right time.
— AUTO-GUIDE™ 3000
  • Available as an option on the MT400E Series, this hands-free steering system helps reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. Highly advanced but simple to use, its digital accuracy helps reduce input costs, lost time and frustration.
Model MT455E MT465E MT475E MT485E MT495E
Maximum engine power HP (kW) @ 2,000 RPM 120 (89.5) 130 (96.9) 140 (104.4) 150 (111.9) 160 (119.3)
Rated engine power HP (kW) @ 2,100 RPM 110 (82) 115 (85.8) 130 (96.9) 140 (104.4) 150 (111.9)
Maximum PTO HP (kW) @ 2,000 RPM 105 (78.3) 110 (82) 120 (89.5) 130 (96.9) 140 (104.4)
Rated PTO HP (kW) @ 2,100 RPM 90 (67) 95 (70.8) 105 (78.3) 115 (85.8) 125 (93.2)
Max torque @ 1,600 RPM 510 537 563 623 652
Engine AGCO Power 4-cyl, 4.9 L, intercooled turbocharger, high-pressure common rail direct fuel injection (HPCR)
Emissions control; EPA Tier 4 compliant SCR technology (post-combustion DEF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)
Transmission type AutoPower IV TechStar CVT AutoPower IV, AutoPower Vi or TechStar CVT AutoPower VI or TechStar CVT
Gears/Ranges 16x16 Contuously Variable Transmission 16x16, 24x24 or CVT 24x24 or CVT
Transmission control Left-hand three-function power control lever and right-hand T-handle control lever
Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch, foot pedal and electronic control
Rear axle Solid cast steel with flange, short or long bar Opt.
Brakes Internal hydraulic wet disc
Differential lock Fully locking front and rear axle differentials, electro-hydraulically engaged
Front axle Straight, internal reduction gears

Hydraulic system

Open center or closed
Hydraulic flow @ rear remotes gpm (LPM) 26 (100) Std., 29 (110) Opt., 50 (190) Opt.
Remote valves Up to 5 mechanical or electric
Loader joystick Mechanical joystick in RH console, or Opt. electronic multifunction joystick in RH seat armrest
Three-point type and lift capacity full stroke @ 24" (610mm) behind ball ends lbs. (kg.) Cat II or Cat III Telescopic Links, 11,244 (5,100)
Rear PTO 540/1000 or 540/540E/1000/1000E, electro-hydraulic engagement and speed selection
Cab Large six-post, twin doors, flat foot deck, available mechanical suspension
Customer-focused package System Information Screen (SIS) Std.; Control Center Display (CCD) color terminal Opt.
Electronic user interface 175 amp alternator or twin 120 amp alternators
Steering Tilt and telescoping
Wheelbase in. (mm) 105 (2,667)
Width in. (mm) 72 (1,829) to 100.4 (2,550)
Maximum height over cab in. (mm) 112 (2,840) to 117 (2,965)
Base weight without ballast lbs. (kg.) 4WD: 15,432 (7,000)
DEF capacity gal. (L) 7.9 (30), left-side fill
Fuel capacity gal. (L) 67 (254), left-side fill
*All dimensions measured with Dual 520/85R46 rear tires and 1480/70R34 front tires