Fendt 700 Gen6 Series

FENDT® 700 GEN6 SERIES | 144 to 237 HP
Power. Precision. Profitability


The adaptable Fendt 700, ranging from 144 to 237 HP, is a powerful partner for all kinds of work—from rear- or front-mounted hay tool applications, to row crop work, to tillage or loader work, this is a tractor that won’t sit still very long. A new driver’s workstation sets standards in terms of functionality, customizing, and ergonomics. The new FendtONE operating philosophy is also unique, connecting your office seamlessly with your machines for the first time.


Turn your work routine into perfection.

    The new 700 Gen6 has it all—strength, agility, precision, reliability, functionality, and comfort.
  • Power segment 144 to 237 rated HP
  • Vario Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)–60 ft. per hour to 31 MPH
  • Self-leveling front-axle suspension
  • Front power lift with load-relief control
  • Live third front loader valve to simultaneously activate three functions
  • TMS joystick or pedal modes of operation
  • Automatic trailer-steering axle lock
  • 100% differential locks for front and rear
  • Increased lift capacity of 23,290 lbs. (10,360 daN)
  • 30,800 lbs. (13,970 kg.) permissible overall weight
  • Load-sensing pump with 40 GPM (152 LPM) or optional 51 GPM (193 LPM)
  • Electronically selectable four-speed rear PTO—540, 540E, 1000, and 1000E
  • Optional front hydraulic valves (up to two) and front 1000 PTO
  • ISOBUS connections in the front and rear

Making the best even better.

    The new driver's workstation creates the ultimate space for more functionality, customizing, and ergonomics.
  • New armrest with familiar Fendt elements
  • Incorporates up to three display options:
    • Standard 10" digital dashboard
    • Standard 12" terminal on the armrest
    • Optional secondary 12" terminal that stows into the roof liner
  • Customizable terminal layout
  • Redesigned multi-function joystick that is highly customizable
  • Flexible key assignment with individual operation manager (IOM)
  • Color-coded controls for similar functions
  • Infotainment: hands-free Bluetooth® and audio control system integrated in terminals
  • Four USB ports on the armrest


Live third front loader valve for more options
With the live third valve for Fendt Cargo front loaders, you can run up to three functions at the same time. That helps when using a grapple bucket, for example. Lower the front loader, tilt the bucket, and open the grapple at the same time.

Engine properties
The 6-liter 6-cylinder engine delivers 144 to 237 rated HP. The high-end model, the Fendt 724 Gen6, reaches its maximum torque of 790 lb./ft. (1,072 Nm) at just 1,500 RPM. That saves fuel and reduces in-cab noise levels.

Vario transmission
The Fendt Vario CVT transmission is a hydrostaticmechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats can be swung 45 degrees and have a high operating pressure of max. 7,977 psi (550 bar)—providing seamless acceleration from 60 ft. per hour to 31 MPH.
The transmission can be operated in joystick or pedal modes to accommodate operator preferences.

Automatic steering axle lock
The optional automatic steering axle lock automatically unlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailers with self-steering axles. On straight stretches, the rigid self-steering axle ensures stable handling. Operators don’t need to lock the self-steering axle manually outside of the preselected speed range or when reversing.

Comfort and stability
Race car-influenced, self-leveling front-axle suspension system, with more than 3.9″ of travel, coupled with a second-to-none pneumatic cab suspension and air-ride seat, provides the sophisticated comfort of a luxury pickup truck, even in the field.

Highly adaptable
Optional 51 GPM of dedicated hydraulic capacity with up to five rear remotes.
Optional power beyond for continuous flow.
Optional front three-point PTO, and up to two hydraulic remotes for front-mounted implements.
With load-relief control, you can transfer some of the implement weight to the front axle. Fine-tune the degree of load relief with a special double-acting front powerlift valve. This ensures both the steering effectiveness of the tractor and that the front-mounted implement only applies the pressure it needs for the work it’s doing.

Working smarter
TI Headland will automatically perform tractor and implement functions coming in and out of the headlands to reduce operator input.
Fendt Contour Assist enables an operator to easily switch between different wayline types that are set up for different field types and applications.


Fully equipped
So that you can work professionally and in comfort, you can design your driver's workstation on the Fendt 700 Gen6 to suit your requirements—with top priority given to ease of use.

Display options
As well as the new standard 12″ terminal on the armrest, the 10" dashboard is now also digital. The genius of this is that you can view machine-related information in the field or down the road, including speed, RPMs, and operational data. For extra display space, use the 12″ roof terminal. You can stow it halfway into the roof liner. Applications like the air-conditioning or the infotainment system are still shown on the lower, visible half of the terminal.

Infotainment package with sound experience
Four high-end speakers and a subwoofer deliver superior sound quality in the cab. Enjoy playback from your smartphone via USB, AUX-IN and Bluetooth. FM/AM and two antennas with permanent channel search also ensure the best radio reception. Make phone calls in your Fendt 700 Gen6 with hands-free Bluetooth, which provides fantastic quality: A total of eight microphones built into the roof liner guarantees perfect acoustics, picking up your voice every time. The controls are on the terminal or the armrest.

Fendt Connect telemetry system
Our basic telemetry package is the best way to analyze and manage your fleet remotely. Fendt Connect™ can read, store, and analyze machine data as part of the package. That makes it easier to plan usage times and machine capacity, ultimately helping you increase the cost effectiveness of your vehicles. View machine data on your PC or smart device, including:

  • Machine position and route (map view)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Speed
  • Operating time
  • Machine capacity
  • Error messages
  • Upcoming service intervals
  • And more.


Crossgate lever / 3L joystick
There’s a crossgate lever or 3L (3 Levels) joystick to control the third and fourth hydraulic control units, as well as the front loader, depending on the configuration. The 3L joystick gives you up to twenty-seven functions, split over up to three control levels. ISOBUS implements are also compatible with this. You can now use live third functionality with the 3L joystick to control three functions at once with a Fendt Cargo loader. With the additional reverse drive button, changing direction is a smooth and comfortable experience.

All under control— multifunction joystick
With its ergonomic shape and position on the armrest, you can hold the all new multifunction joystick in a relaxed position all day long. It has all commonly used controls right on the joystick, including two hydraulic controls and headland management. The joystick also has freely assignable buttons to give the driver even more flexibility.

12" terminal
Up to six freely configurable screens are shown on the standard 12" terminal. Just swipe right or left to navigate through the different screens.

Infotainment control: volume/mute, A/C control

The pushdial allows you to manually use the terminals instead of using touch control. You can also switch between the terminals. There are hotkeys for quick navigation.

Customizable buttons
The buttons are ready to be assigned, so you can adapt your Fendt 700 Gen6 to suit your work and have your most common actions right where you need them. A clever light system gives you a visual reminder of functions that’ve been reassigned to other buttons. That means you can quickly find your way around without any user errors.

Front/rear power lift control


Nearly 400 years ago, the Fendt family not only built a reputation for fabricating precision clocks, they solidified that reputation by personally servicing and maintaining each one. Like our ancestors, we still believe a great warranty isn’t a matter of profit, it’s one of pride. The Fendt Gold Star maintenance, service, and warranty Program is the best in the business, with a commitment to uptime all the time. It’s also a warranty designed to maintain exceptional resale value.

The warranty
Three years or 3,000 hours, including all scheduled routine maintenance and all other repairs, as required.

The service
Fendt dealers and their certified technicians use only the highest-caliber diagnostic tools.

The parts
Fendt dealers use only genuine AGCO® parts, so your Fendt is always 100% Fendt. All parts are covered for one year, and all labor for six months, under the AGCO Parts Advantage warranty.

The loaner
If your tractor can’t be repaired in 48 working hours, we’ll provide you with a loaner tractor. We stand by this promise for three years or 3,000 hours.

Gold Star+ (Optional)
For longer working periods, you can extend the standard Gold Star offering with Gold Star+. All the same benefits but for as long as five years or 5,000 hours.


Stay connected anywhere, anytime
There's little point collecting and analyzing data unless our customers can benefit from it. With this in mind, Fendt has combined its data processing with the service work that follows.

Call up machine data from any location
Fendt Connect is the central telemetry solution for Fendt machines. With Fendt Connect, machine data is collected and evaluated, so farmers and contractors can monitor, analyze, and optimize the condition and use of their machines. Mobile data transmission means that real-time machine data can be retrieved anywhere— from the office PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Fendt Connect tells you about:

  • Machine position and route
  • Fuel consumption and DEF level
  • Speed and working time
  • Machine capacity
  • Error messages
  • Upcoming service intervals
  • And more

Technology packages
A total of four technology packages are available, which you can select as needed:

  • Guidance system
  • Agronomy
  • Telemetry
  • Machine control
Each module includes a basic package of the startup applications you need. You can also extend the modules with optional extras.

Fendt 700 Gen6

714 716 718 720 722 724
Rated power ECE R 120 (HP/kW) 144/106 163/120 181/133 201/148 222/136 237/174
Max. power ECE R 120 (HP/kW) 150/110 171/126 188/138 209/154 228/168 246/181
PTO HP (HP/kW) 110/82 130/97 145/108 165/123 185/138 195/145
Cylinders 6
Cylinder bore/stroke (mm) 101/126
Displacement in3/cm3 369.6/6,056
Rated Speed RPM 2,100
Max. torque at 1,450 RPM (lb. ft./Nm) 479.4/650 534.7/725 592.9/804 671.9/911 728.7/988 790.6/1,072
Torque rise % 43.0 40.0 39.0 39.0 38.0
Fuel Tank (gal./L) 105.7/400
DEF tank (gal./L) 10/38
Transmission type ML 140 ML 180
Speed range 1 (MPH/KPH) 0.012-17.4/0.02-28
Speed range 1-reverse (MPH/KPH) 0.012--10.6/0.02-17
Speed range 2 (MPH/KPH) 0.012-31/0.02-50
Speed range 2-reverse(MPH/KPH) 0.012-20.5/0.02-33
Top speed (MPH/KPH) 31/50
Rear PTO 540/540E/1000/1000E
Front PTO option 1000
Type of control Electro hydraulic
Hydraulic remotes Rear: 3 std./up to 5 opt., Front: up to 2 opt.
Hydraulic capacity (GPM/LPM) 40/152 std., 50/193 opt.
Rear 3-point lift capacity (lbs/kg) 19,310/8,759
Front linkage max. lift capacity (lbs/kg) 9,740/4,418
Max. vertical hitch load (lbs/kg) with standard tires Á 31 MPH (50 KPH) 4,409/2,000
Power lift and hydraulics
Variable-flow pump (GPM/LPM) 40.1/152
Variable-flow pump optional (GPM/LPM) 51/193
Working pressur/control pressure (psi/bar) 2,900+290/200+20
Max. valves (front/center/rear) 2/0/5
Max. available hydraulic oil volume (gal/L) 16.9/64
Max. lift capacity of rear power lift (lbs/daN) 23,303/10,360
Max. lift capacity of front power lift (lbs/daN) 9,932/4,418
Dimensions and weights
Overall length (in/mm) 213.4/5,240
Overall width with standard tires(in/mm) 100.4/2,550
Wheelbase (in/mm) 109.6/2,783
Unladen weight (base tractor w/cab, full tanks, no driver) (lbs/kg) 17,052/7735 17,174/7,790
Max permissible overall weight (lbs/kg) 27,557/12,500 30,864/14,000
Electrical equipment
Battery (V/Ah) 12/180