Fendt 900 Gen6 Series

FENDT® 900 GEN6 SERIES | 296 to 415 HP
The ultimate row crop tractor

Nearly 400 years ago, in the town of Oberdorf in the Bavarian Alps, the Fendt family clockworks ran day and night. Sylvester Fendt didn’t burn the midnight oil just to keep up with demand for his precision-crafted church and town hall clocks. He had a higher purpose: the uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

In 1930, Johann Georg Fendt and his son Hermann, direct descendants of Sylvester, introduced the first six-HP Dieselross tractor, a cleverly designed machine that enabled farmers to achieve in a single day the equivalent output of a week’s work by manual labor.

Every great tower clock—and every tractor—crafted by the Fendts was expected to be better than the last, improved by prior learning. Ever-evolving to be more precise, more durable, more reliable. Today, Fendt® 900 Gen6 Series tractors more than live up to that legacy, taking performance, efficiency and operator comfort to the next level.

In fact, the sixth-generation 900 Series is the ultimate row crop tractor. Our low-engine-speed, high-torque concept means less fuel consumption and better reliability, with much more power. Inside, a state-of-the-art operating system, paired with pneumatic cab suspension, delivers incomparable comfort during the longest days.

The 900 Series has "time" in its German heritage. So you drive home the perfect tractor for today's North American agribusiness.

It's Fendt. It's Time


Fendt 900 Series at a glance

If you’re a large-scale farm or contracting operation, you’re serious about agribusiness. And you’re serious about your equipment. Because you know the difference between break-even and profitable is defined in hours, gallons and data. The high-performance Fendt 900 Gen6 Series is purpose-built to be the hardest-working, most reliable tractor you can buy. Sure, others casually talk about efficiency, productivity, fuel-savings, comfort and profitability. But no one is more obsessed than Fendt with actually engineering them into every tractor we make.

What makes a Fendt a Fendt?

An incredibly smooth, quiet, high-torque-at-low-engine-speed power plant that drives more power to the ground at an extremely low operating cost

A stepless VarioDrive CVT, with no range changes, featuring intelligent torque distribution technology that automatically diverts power from front and rear axles to minimize slip, optimize engine power and maximize fuel economy

A hydraulic system fully dedicated to the implements it powers — the optional dual-pump, dual-circuit system, provides up to 113.5 GPM hydraulic oil capacity, designed to handle the most demanding implements of today, and tomorrow

A 10.4-in. touch screen terminal paired with a customizable multi-function joystick puts everything you need to operate the tractor right at your fingertips

Racecar-influenced, self-leveling front-axle suspension, with 7.8 in. of travel, coupled with a second-to-none pneumatic cab suspension and air-ride seat provides the sophisticated comfort of a luxury pickup truck, even in the field

VarioGrip™, our factory-installed tire inflation and deflation system allows the operator to set and control tire pressure, ensuring minimal compaction, less tire wear, and maximum performance in the field or on the road

The best warranty in the business — three-year/3,000-hour full-machine warranty, PLUS all scheduled maintenance and a loaner guarantee

A tractor whose time is now.

Power is nothing without flexibility and control. That's why the Fendt 900 Gen6 Series offers a wide range of tire and ballasting configurations so you can always adapt to any job or condition on your farm. Sure, you can always find a cheaper tractor. Just not a better one.


If you’re considering a Fendt, you already know you’re looking at an engineering masterpiece. But you’re not here to admire. You’re here to get the job done, better than anybody else. It starts with the power of a super-quiet, low-speed, engine that delivers fuel-efficient, high-torque performance. A hyper-efficient CVT that independently powers the front and rear axles to minimize slip and push power to the ground at low engine speeds. So you can pull the largest implements through the toughest conditions, all while the banker in your head appreciates that you’re using less fuel and minimizing wear and tear on the tractor. Of course, powering the tractor is only half the story. With a hydraulic system that’s independent of all other tractor functions, you can also power the most demanding implements, without sacrificing pressure and flow. It’s the kind of total performance that makes you glad you didn’t settle for just another tractor.

  • 9-liter MAN engine produces up to 415 constant HP with engine speeds between 650–1,700 RPM
  • VarioDrive CVT, the latest in award-winning transmission innovation, uses two hydraulic motors and an intelligent four-wheel-drive clutch to instantaneously transfer power between the front and rear axles
  • Standard 58-GPM hydraulic system with optional dual-pump, dual-circuit system for up to 113.5-GPM of hydraulic oil flow
  • A full offering of row crop tire configurations ranging from 320–520 mm and 320–420 mm on the rear and front respectively. For a larger footprint, configure your Fendt with 710–900 mm rear tires
  • Optional Fendt Stability Control (FSC) takes steering precision, driving stability and braking safety to new levels. At speeds above 12.4 mph (20 km/h), FSC locks the front axle suspension cylinders and dampens side-to-side movement to ensure maximum stability in transport. When speeds drop below the FSC threshold, it automatically disengages to ensure maximum ground contact with all four tires
  • VarioGrip, an industry-first, factory-installed tire inflation and deflation system, allows the operator to set and adjust inner tire pressure from 8.7 to 36 PSI when transitioning from field work to roading, even at maximum speed
  • To ensure maximum power to the ground, the simple-to-adjust front and rear flexible ballasting system lets you increase the tractor's weight from 26,200 lbs. to a maximum ballast weight of 42,000 lbs.


Ever since Sylvester Fendt and his 17th century family of artisan clockmakers built an ironclad reputation for personally servicing and maintaining each clock they installed, we’ve understood that a great warranty isn’t a matter of profit, it’s one of pride. The Fendt Gold Star Maintenance, Service and Warranty Program is the best in the business. But our commitment isn’t just uptime all the time. It's providing the kind of after-sale care that rewards you with exceptional resale value when you eventually trade in your tractor for a newer model.

The warranty
Three years or 3,000 hours, including all scheduled routine maintenance and all other repairs, as required.

The service
Fendt dealers and their certified technicians use only the highest-caliber diagnostic tools.

The parts
Fendt dealers use only genuine AGCO® parts, so your Fendt is always 100% Fendt. All parts are covered for one year, and all labor for six months, under the AGCO Parts Advantage warranty.

The loaner
If your tractor can’t be repaired in 48 working hours* we’ll provide you a loaner tractor. We stand by this promise for three years or 3,000 hours.
*12 working hours per day


The first thing you notice when you climb into your Fendt is a suspension system that allows the entire cab to float with your weight. Sink into the air-suspended, leather seat and feel the flawless seal of the air-tight cabin door enclose you. Now, look around. All the way around. An enlarged windshield provides panoramic visibility. Flip on the state-of-the-art infotainment system for an automotive-grade, hands-free Bluetooth® audio experience. Finally start up the tractor and marvel at how something so powerful can be so exceptionally quiet, both inside and out. Then, take a moment to enjoy some quality alone-time in your new Fendt.

  • Standard air cab suspension prevents bouncing, minimizes vibration and ensures maximum comfort in any conditions
  • All door and window seals are precision-engineered to be absolutely uniform, keeping noise out and comfort in
  • With an optional reverse driver’s station, easily swivel the driver seat 180 degrees — including steering wheel, armrest and joystick — so you can always see exactly what you’re working on
  • The infotainment system features eight strategically located microphones to ensure crystal-clear, handsfree communication, while the enhanced rear soundbar surrounds you in an entertainment experience second-to-none

It’s when you look around the cab that you realize you’re in a tractor like no other. From your seat, you access the cutting-edge, easy-to-operate Fendt Varioterminal, where everything you need to control the tractor, implements and technology is at your fingertips. The comfortable, floating armrest has simple, color-coordinated operating controls and the multi-function joystick puts you in control of virtually every tractor function. It’s about now that you begin to sense you’re in a tractor perfectly designed to be one with its operator. And, one that’s also been designed to make your sometimes-opinionated neighbor green with envy.

  • Varioterminal Clear, practical, 10.4-in. display with full-screen, half-screen and split-screen modes, or a four-in-one view, with each section displaying a different function; fully integrates tractor and implement controls, camera function, guidance and documentation
  • Multi-Function Joystick Assign and control up to 10 ISOBUS implement functions with the four-way, multi-function joystick. Includes additional operating buttons for the 3rd and 4th auxiliary hydraulic control unit, cruise control, engine-speed memory buttons and activation of Variotronic headland management
  • Fendt Guide Work with the utmost precision without having to actively steer, when working with wide implements or even with poor reception; reduced product overlapping could save 3-10%
  • Fendt TaskDc® Quickly capture — and wirelessly transfer — data like seed-quantity, fertilizer applied or fuel consumption per acre for analysis and documentation
  • Fendt TaskDoc Pro Record GPS position data and transfer it in near real-time, enabling mapping and automated, seamless exchanges with ISOXML-compatible field files
  • Variable Rate Control Call up, visualize on application maps and automatically execute variable-rate application of seeds, fertilizer and pesticides, based on agronomic needs. Plan farm inputs in field files, precisely apply them every time and save on operating inputs
  • Fendt Section Control for ISOBUS implements Fully automatic section control ensures seeds, fertilizer and pesticides are applied evenly and economically, preventing overlaps; switch up to 36 sections when operating ISOBUS-capable planters, drills or sprayers


Fendt Connect™ is like a control tower for your fleet, seamlessly linking your operators, your office and your dealer. Through one easy-to-use interface — on a smartphone, tablet or laptop — Fendt Connect provides signals that keep you connected to the field and your dealer. It’s robust data visualization that enables remote, real-time monitoring, decision-making and even diagnostics.

Your Office See where your machines are, what they’re doing and how they're performing, in near-real time or historically. From anywhere. This operational visualization enables everything from scheduling timely refueling to providing documentation for invoicing

Your Dealer Should you enable it, your dealer can remotely access and monitor fault codes and performance parameters, anticipating or diagnosing problems that can speed up service, minimize downtime and reduce cost

Your Operators Operators can focus on their task at hand, knowing both you and your dealer are practically right there with them in the cab

Learn more or get started at get.agcoconnect.com/fendt900

Fendt 900 Gen6

930 933 936 939 942
Rated power ECE R 120 at 1,700 RPM (HP ISO) (HP/kW) 296/217 326/239 355/261 385/283 415/305
Rated PTO power (HP/kW) 237/177 264/197 290/216 317/236 341/254
No. of cylinders / cooling 6 cylinder/water
Cylinder bore / stroke (in. / mm) 4.53 (115) x 5.70 (145)
Displacement (in.3 / l) 549/9.0
Rated engine speed (RPM) 1,700
Max. torque (@ 1,550 RPM) (ft/lb / Nm) 1,143/1,550 1,217/1,650 1,291/1,750 1,364/1,850 1,453/1,970
Torque rise (1,000 based on 1,700 RPM) (%) 26.9% 22.7% 19.4% 16.4% 15.0%
Diesel tank capacity (gal/l) 165 (625)
DEF capacity (gal/l) 18.5 (70)
Oil change interval (op. hrs.) 500
Type/model Stepless VarioDrive transmission/TA 300
Speed range Forward—65 ft/hr to 31 mph / (20 m/h to 50 km/h)
Reverse—0.01 to 21 mph / (0.02 to 33 km/h)
Speed reduced max. speed 31 mph (50 km/h) @ 1,200 RPM
Rear PTO 1000 @ 1630 / 1000E @ 1,250 RPM
Type Closed Center/Pressure & Flow Compensation
Hydraulic pump capacity (gpm/lpm) 1 pump: 43.6/165, 58/220
2 pumps: 113.5/430 (55.5/210 + 58/220)
Working pressure (psi/bar) 2,900/200
Hydraulic control valves, max. rear/front Single pump: 8 valves (6 rear/2 front)
Dual pump: 7 valves (6 rear/1 front or 5 rear/2 front)
Type Electrohydraulic Powerlift Control (EPC) with shock load stabilizing and standard load compensation
Rear lift capacity @ ball ends (lb/kg) 21,500/9,750
Max. lift capacity, front 3-Point (lb/kg) 12,310/5,584
Weights & Dimensions
Unladen weight (lb/kg)* 24,900/11,300
Max. permissible overall weight (lb/kg) 42,000/19,000
Overall length (in./mm) 219.5/5,575
Overall width (in./mm) 118.2/3,000
Overall height (in./mm) 133/3,375
Ground clearance (in./mm) 21.8/553
Wheelbase (in./mm) 124/3,150
Smallest turning circle with standard tires (ft/m) 20/6.1
Electrical Equipment
Starter (V/kW) 24 V — 7 kW
Battery (V/Ah) 2 Batteries — 12 V/180 Ah
Alternator (V/A) 14 V/2 x 160A

*With Rear 710/70R42 and Front 650/65R34 tires