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Used S77 Gleaner Combines

Select Late Model Used Combines
0% Interest for 24 Months*

The Super Series is unique in that it gained capacity without increasing machine weight and actually decreased fuel consumption per bushel harvested. The new design retains or improves elements of earlier designs that have provided Gleaner its legendary low loss levels and high sample quality. The resulting machines offer all the nimbleness of our prior R Series with a significant increase in capacity and capability. For those farmers who want all of the performance without all the bulk, we present to you our latest innovation: the Gleaner Super Series. This incredible design is the result of a partnership that joins engineering with field smarts. We like to say it’s the perfect marriage of ideas and practicality. Receive 0% interest for 24 months* when you purchase any Select Late Model Used Combines.

Call 844.432.7646 for special finance options for late model pre-owned Gleaner combine options.

*On approved credit. Rates subject to change. Some limitations apply. Offer can change at any time. See dealer for details.

Vertical Tillage Special

The SF6631 VT is the second generation of Sunflower’s line of vertical tillage tools. It is engineered to meet the vertical tillage challenges presented by ever increasing volume of tough crop residues. The SF6631 is longer, stronger and heavier than its predecessor, providing a 14% increase in weight per blade. These frame improvements combined with the additional blade added to each rear gang enable the SF6631 Series to operate at faster ground speeds than the SF6630 Series. The addition of 4 larger size models helps you cover more acres in a day. New carriage, lift, and fold systems as well as additional finishing attachments, have been developed, creating a totally new tool. Call 844.432.7646 for more information.

Sunflower Vertical Tillage